Chris Pickup MA - Conservation of Historic Objects




A conservator with a unique skill set...


  • Could affordable digital content through 'Digital Torch' increase your foot fall?
  • Would cost-effective conservation improve the impact of your collection?
  • Could digital imaging record your objects or your site to analyse and plan at your desk?
  • Would the skill of a professional artist assist in the conservation of a decorative interior?
  • Would advice and consultancy help you plan how to care for and present our heritage?


If you are:


  • A museum looking to meet your accreditation requirements
  • A private collector who needs advice on how to care for your collection
  • Working in building conservation and need the skills of an artist or sculptor
  • Working in archaeology and need object conservation or an entire area of dig recording in 3D


Qualified conservator Chris Pickup offers an extensive conservation and digitisation service in combination with the skill set of a professional artist. Contact Chris and discuss how he could help you in your role in getting the best from our heritage. An enquiry or perhaps a meeting costs nothing and is without obligation. Simply visit the contact page and get in touch.

3D Imaging and the 'Digital Torch' application...


'Digital Torch' is produced by RTI photography and creates an animated light which can be moved over the image of an object's surface whilst displayed on an iPad.It really can create a digital visitor interactive for a ball park budget of £1000 or less. Click to know more. 3D models for heritage digitisation projects and display purposes can be built using photogrammetry from multiple photographs. Skills in laser & structured white light scanning are also available. Click to know more.

Conserve your collection...


A full range of conservation skills is available, whether you have a ceramic that needs cleaning or reconstruction or want a condition survey for your collection with advice on how to improve your collection's storage conditions. The need for conservation is not always anticipated, often only becoming apparent as the objects come out of store. The conservation service is responsive, competitively priced and quotes can be prepared to suit your needs. Visit the contact page and make a no-obligation enquiry. Click to know more.

Artist, Photographer & Conservator...


Chris Pickup is an accomplished artist, having completed public commission work and Arts Council England funded projects. He is an experienced photographer and fully trained in object photography and photographic recording for heritage applications. His ability as an artist brings high level technical art skills applicable to heritage contexts, particularly the decorative interior, and a specialism in sculptural skills, modelling and silicone rubber casting techniques. Click to know more.

Chris Pickup Conservation - Nottingham - UK - enquiries@chrispickupconservation.co.uk - 07974 384271