3D Imaging

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3D Imaging

Take the object from the case and put it in the hands of the visitor...



3D digital imaging really has the potential to do this. Many heritage organisations are now exploring the possibility of 3D. It could be live interactive content on iPads and tablets provided by the venue or on the visitor's own device. What could be more engaging than a 3D image of an artefact that could be 'handled' by the visitor? Or possibly recording a difficult to access architectural feature for desk analysis and formulation of a treatment plan; perhaps even a 3D record of an entire room.


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Click the links below to view models from my Sketchfab page.

Ichthyosaur reproduced by kind permission of British Geological Survey

There is more than one way to create a 3D image...


For most 3D imaging applications the chosen method would be photogrammetry (using multiple photographs) due to its low equipment cost. However all 3D imaging applications work on the same principle of 'point cloud', 'mesh' and 'texture' therefore laser and structured white light scanning are realistic possibilities.

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