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Art & Photography

A conservator who is also an artist...


Since graduation with First Class Honours in Fine Art Sculpture Chris Pickup has 10 years experience as a practising commission artist with a high level of technical skill as a painter, draughtsman, sculptor and photographer. His portfolio includes:


  • City University, London
  • rEvive, Derbyshire
  • Mantle Arts, Leicester
  • Open Arts Festival, Nottingham
  • Northern General Hospital, Sheffield
  • RED Gallery Hull
  • Geldards LLP, Nottingham
  • Arts Council England funding


Skills applicable to the decorative interior...


All trained conservators have an understanding of the need for minimum intervention and reversability in conservation processes. Not all are capable of the high end art skills and draughtsmanship that an experienced professional artist has. Chris Pickup has the ability to combine these skills and work with decorative interior and wall painting conservators to respond to the conservation needs of other artists' work.


In addition the ability to use 3D digital imaging offers a means by which complex decorative schemes or sculptural architectural features can be recorded and treatment plans formulated. Combine this with casting and modelling skills, including experience in the use of silicone rubbers, and a comprehensive range of conservation solutions present themselves.


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